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Arihant Harmony in Indirapuram


Were you dreaming of sun-kissed mornings and stralit nights ? Chirping birds, balmy breeze, smiling flowers ? yes, we understand you desire to be close to nature, and out homes were created so you could experience the joy of stress-free living and tap into a deeper beauty. The entire complex is surrounded by lush greens, only 30 percent of built up area and rest is open.

Life is beautiful. Live and enjoy it in a home that is designed with all the essence of beauty. Arihant Harmony, a new address, where happiness surrounds you, elegant living makes you feel proud, nature invites you to relax and where every moment you find life in its new charm. Arihant Harmony is placed beautifully amidst lush-green landscape of Indirapuram from where no distance is too long. Connaught place and Anand Vihar ISBT is just 20 minutes drive from here. DPS, Cambridge and St. Thomas lie in its close vicinity. Even Electronic City adds value to its strategic location.

This impressive apartment gives you every reason to live life luxuriously. fascinating features, state-of-the-art amenities and larger-than-life ambience make Arihant Harmony the most sought after destination for you and your loved ones. Apart from its apartments its luxurious penthouses also give life a royal retreat forever. So, what you are waiting for live your dream at Arihant Harmony

  • Arihant Residency (Sandeep Bhattacharya)

    Flats in Arihant residency are magnificent. Builders deliver the same thing that they have shown in the layout and promised to their clients. Owing a flat in Arihant residency is a good experience to have.

  • Arihant Paradiso (Aneesh Chopra)

    Did a lot of research before buying a home in Arihant but didn't got satisfied. Finally, I came to Arihant builds and found that it is the only project that can meet all my requirements and now I am very much satisfied and happy after owing a flat in Arihant.

  • Arihant Harmony (Susheel Kumar)

    I did a lot of survey before buying a home in Indirapuram and finally arrived at the conclusion that Arihant Harmony is the best option for me to choose. Flats of Arihant Harmony are quite spacious, well ventilated and cosy.

  • Arihant Altura (Praveen Kumar)

    I have surveyed a lot of flats and finally concluded that the flats of Arihant are quite spacious and beautiful. Flooring is done with imported marbles and doors are of modern style. Builders have delivered the same thing that they have shown in the samples and above all the prices are reasonable.